Ripride Information


Ripride Information

RIPRIDE RECORDS: No Prayers or Foolish Whims!

RIPRIDE RECORDS is a record label based in (Québec) Canada, worshipping classic Thrash and Heavy Metal. And yes, the label's name comes straight from the VENOM anthem!

Important facts:

- There will be no more than 2 or 3 releases per year: quality over quantity.
- Promos are welcome but expect a reply only if we're interested to work with you.
- Ripride Records is distributed worldwide by MVD / Planetworks.
- Great wholesale rates are available for stores and distros.
- We accept Paypal, Wise and Bank transfers. 
- We accept interact payments for Canadian residents.
- All our prices (Direct sales and wholesales) are in Canadian dollars.
- We will definitely consider ALL licensing opportunities.
- Sorry but trades are not an option. Consignment sales is also not an option. 
- We work with AGAINST PR for the promotion of our releases:
- Do not expect replies from facebook, contact us ONLY through our contact form.