ANCESTHOR - Beneath the Mask CD - (SHIPPING NOW!)

ANCESTHOR - Beneath the Mask CD - (SHIPPING NOW!)

ORIGIN: Mexico City, Mexico
STYLE: Thrash Metal

"Beneath the Mask" CD (Re-issue / Re-recorded)

Demolition Hammer, Vektor, Vio-lence, Exhumer...

BAND FORMED IN: 2009-2015 as Terror Chaos Force. 2015-Present as Ancesthor


Carlos Guerrero (Bass)
Jhonatan Robles (Drums)
Luis Soto (Bass, Vocals)
Omar Caballero (Drums)

PAST LABEL(S): Metal Ways Records (Mexico)


The Human Nature Full-length 2011
Beneath the Mask Full-length 2013
Oneiric Full-length 2017
Beneath the Mask Full-length 2018
Renaissance Single 2019
Ancesthor Single 2020
Live CDMX Live album 2021
Mist-Wraith Single 2021
The Witch of Ptscholh Single 2021
White Terror Full-length 2022
Beneath the Mask Full-length (Re-issue) 2022


ANCESTHOR is basically one of Mexico's best kept secret! Yes, we all know about the touristic destination, the cartels of all sorts and the friendly people... but what about their Metal scene? Their gigantic metal scene is an ocean of infinity and diversity... but as everywhere else, some amazing bands with amazing albums are still riding under the radar of the bigger players of the music business. ANCESTHOR's one of them. And what an amazing band it is too! The band plays a forceful technical thrash, very intense and varied, as if some celestial being had fun mixing the DNA of bands such as DEMOLITION HAMMER, VIO-LENCE, VEKTOR and the almighty EXHUMER in one gigantic tech thrash experiment... The end result is a band churning out killer riffs after killer riffs with an obvious facility in writing memorable songs while still making them intricate enough to challenge the legions of tech heads worshiping CORONER and other thrash gods of the technical metal realm. This album was first released in 2013 with a slight variation of the front cover and different song titles. The band went on re-recording the whole album in 2018 and the production is killer from A to Z. So why nobody did see this diamond in the rough earlier? No clue is available at the moment but rest assured, ANCESTHOR is one of these bands that grows on you musically and won't let you go... lucky bastards. This album is coming out on CD through RIPRIDE and is including the killer Repka front cover.

The album will come with a 6 pages full color booklet, full color CD, shrink wrapped